Road Trip – Abandoned House

Sometimes there’s always that house on the street you really want to have a closer look at … in my case an old abandoned corner sweet-shop, on the outskirts of beautiful Kilkenny … that needed some B&W film attention 😇

I was looking forward to seeing how my Nikon F80 and Fomapan 400 B&W film would handle this otherwise dark location with it’s strong lines & complex textures … and I have to admit the grain & tonality of the film was perfect in this situation (have a look at the 100% crop below) !

Looking closer at the images, I could see how the Fomapan 400 definitely had a cut-off point on the highlights / dynamic range, but it added to the character of the photos in this instance, which was great.

I found myself toggling between the Nikkor 18-35mm f3.5 D and my Nikkor 35mm f2 lenses, trying to capture the big-picture in one case, and using the close-up & increased light abilities of the other.

Just as I was about to hit the road, and wrap-up I noticed some nice floral details, which my Nikkor 28-35mm f3.3 G was able to work some magic on.

Nice to see how nature always reclaims what us humans aren’t using, with little splashes of beauty sprinkled here and there.

Until my next post, keep shooting film ! Paul

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