The Orange City – Seville

My wife surprised me with a birthday gift of a weekend city-break to Seville, Spain. It’s a city that I’ve never visited before, and so I was genuinely excited to see what this southern city of Spain had in store 🇪🇸 Making A Rough To-Do List … What I’ve learnt from previous road trips and…

DSLR Scanning your 35mm film negatives

So I haven’t posted any blogs in 3 months … what on earth could have caused this to happen … !?? Welcome to the world of DIY 35mm film scanning … who would have thought that such a simple endeavour could cause so much frustration, headaches, sleepless hours, and repeated post-processing ! Let me explain…

Kodak Gold meets Sligo & Leitrim

A month or two ago, myself and my wife, Mairead, decided to hit the road and spend a long weekend visiting the wonderful scenery around her childhood hometown of Sligo. It’s a beautiful part of Ireland, that has a lot to offer by way of photogenic sights, and many things to see & do ……

Nikon F80 – Serious Autofocus For The Masses

Hello, I’m Back … It’s been a while since I had a chance to sit down and write blog post, and it’s primarily because of a number of very happy life events: a) I got married 😍💕, b) myself and my wife had a wonderfully romantic mini-moon & honeymoon 🥰, and c) I changed job…


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Hi – I’m Paul Leith, a motivated IT professional living in Ireland, and I recently rediscovered 35mm film photography after 20 years of taking images. Join me on my monthly journey of discovery.

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